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We create uniforms that add in to your school's character
Uniform Designing & E-Commerce Portal
It's difficult to come up with something that is unique yet appealing to everyone but we know just the trick.
So many design companies, so many vendors... Of course we had to get an edge above all. So we work on details that most companies skip out.
To give you a neat extraordinary uniform we have our creative team working on an intuitive tool, cutting out the need for multiple sampling and making detailed changes easy.

But what truly makes us stand out is are E-commerce portal where your school gets to have it's very own web page.

Annual Day Costumes
Be it a shakespeare theatrical extravaganza or classical dance performance, our costumes are just perfect as they are custom made for your big day.
After all we have an in house Costume Stylist (spoiler alert: she is one of the founders), so you can ease up and do the remaining chores while she magically creates beautiful ensembles for your little thespians.
Your show will surely be a sell-out!
Sports jerseys
Do you have a heck of a cricket team or a football players' squad, why not gear them up with some super comfy yet stylish jerseys so that when they are playing, they are always reminded of being unified and also how cool they look!
After tackling all the big stuff we even take care of little things like badges, trophies, identity cards, library cards and even customised notebooks and books printings.